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Six things make a good and memorable event; I mean, an event that will leave a lasting memory in you.They are the Guest, Foods, Drinks, Decoration and Photography. But the MOST important of them all is the Decoration.

Benefits of Event Decoration Service

1. Comfort from within with a good decoration for your guest

2.Enough area to take pictures throughout your event

3. Safety; from lifting and moving tables and chairs to climbing of ladders 

4.Connection from within right from the design on stage to the attractive table setup

5.You and your guest will sit ,wine and dine like Kings and Queens

Allow me to explain...

Decoration is putting creativity to life with elegance and style, adding beauty and value to create a long lasting memory. . A well decorated event gives you a positive engergy; if the event is well designed, there is no how you will have a negative energy around. I mean the kind of settings you see ranging from the stage well designed,VIP setup table for selected guest, general table setting for guest, light effects in the hall, flower arrangement ,photo area set up, which will make your sense of socialization comes to live. It makes you appreciative and bring you joy from within.

Decoration and Guests

Guest are the life blood of an event; without them, there is no event, but decoration create a positive environment for your guest to enjoy which result to constance taking of pictures with there phones and camera.

Decoration and Food with Drinks

Without this,your event won't be well appreciated by your guests, but decortion makes it more enjoyable. A well decorated event makes a MEAL a FEAST. Let your guest eat like KINGS and QUEENS with a well decorated table settings with flowers,centerpieces,charger plates and table number.

Decoration and Photography

Photos truely keep the memory of an event, but there is more; decoration makes the memory Beautiful. Don't just ceate a memory, craete a beautiftul memory you can be proud of in the future. Something you will be willing and able to share with friends and families.

See some of our recent works... yours can also be this beautiful

There are basically FOUR approches to decorating an event

1. DIY (Do It Yourself Approach)

This is the approach you use if you have no budget for decoration at all. Yes, it costs you less, but takes lost of your time and not professional.

2. Outsource To A Family or Friend

This happens when you deligate your event decoration to your younger ones ors friends to help you wilth.unfortubately, this is costly as you will end up wasting money on material that won't be needed after the event. Moreso, you are likely to end up with an unprofessional design.

3. Hire An Amateur Decorator

This is what most people settled for because they have low  budget.Unfortunatley, this does not have to happen; as you will always end up with a poor design that makes you and guest angry through out the event. That is if he or she comes untime to decorate your hall.I am sorry, this will cost you more;as you won't get the value for the money you paid.

4. Hire A professional Decorator

This is by far the best approach, but it's usually very expensive,no doubt - soup wey sweet, na money kill am. If you truelly want a memeorable event that you will always love to share with family and friends; this is by far your best option.As it's going to save you lots of time and effort. In addition, your guet will be happy with less stress and tension in the hall. Trust me; you won't regret this if it's done the right way.

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Read What our Customers Are Saying About Our Decoration Service

I am Mrs bola adekunle. I got married to my husband Mr jimi Adekunle on febuary 22, 2019  and the hall was decorated by Paradise on Earth events..My guests, with me and my husband love the job and have refFered two of my friends to them[PARADISE ON EARTH EVENTS] and no complain..I cannot forget the memories of my wedding day each time i remember or look at my family album..will alway call Paradise on earth for any occation me and my family is having.

Mrs adekunle


Getting a decorator for my wedding was difficult for me because i wasnt connecting with the decorators that i meet through referals and personal search, Though,  am hard , i have taste and class for what i want and am also picky. Saw Paradise on earth at a friends wedding and we starting talking and right there i knew this is the company that will handle my decoration..I wasnt surprise on my wedding day because the company delivered with no complain,,,well trained and deciplined staff,listen to details and impliment it. Good communication skills,. Paradise on earth events are good at what they do...



I wasnt afraid or expecting poor performance from them because the company is our family decorator right from 2015. Paradise on earth events did the wedding decorations of my two elder the company and they are always reliable.

Mrs Ilori 


 All our communications were on phone, via calls and whatsap.. Me and my husband told the company what we woud love the place to look like and  to my greatest surprise..the result was mind  blowing. The company is trust worthy and  i bet you they will give you quality and value for your money.

Mrs Adeoye

Personal Assistant

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